Super High Temp Silicone Charge Air Cooler CAC Hose

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The silicone hose are used for truck, Mercedes-Benz, VOLVO, SCANIA, RENAULT,  MAN, IVECO, DAF etc. The hose connect the turbocharger outlet to the charge cooler inlet and the charge cooler to the engine manifold. Increases the power available from a given engine displacement and also forms a major part of engine control strategy aimed at meeting stringent exhaust gas emission regulations.









For superior connection between engine mounted charge air system components, the CAC Hose is also ideal for handling slight misalignments and isolating vibration between hose ends.Hoses are used by professionals in industries such as high performance racing vehicles, truck and bus, Marine, off highway vehicles, turbo diesel, and general manufacturing industries.

Technical Specifications

Material high-grade silicone
Pressure 0.3~0.9Mpa
Reinforcement 1 to 5 ply nomex/polyester
Thickness 2-6mm
Size tolerance ±0.5mm
Hardness 40-80 shore A
Operative temperature - 40 deg. C to + 220 deg. C 
High pressure resistance 80 to 150psi
Color Red/yellow/green/orange/white/black/blue/purple etc.
Certificate IATF 16949:2016
OEM accepted


1) turbo charger
2) automobile repacking
3) connect the radiator
4) intercooler, air inlet /exhaust


1. 100% Silicone Hose
Qisheng only use only the finest quality  silicone for the most demanding automotive applications.This ensures Qisheng Hoses perform better and look great without fading or perishing over time.

2. Premium Quality Reinforcing Fabrics
Qisheng use the finest Aramid fiber, specially designed for automotive hose manufacturing. Fabrics are specially orientated to give required stiffness to resist dilation-associated problems such as loss of boost.Only with quality fabric will the hose have the strength to deliver reliable performance.

3. Handmade and Finished
Qisheng Hoses are handmade & finished by our workers with high skill and years of experience.Our products are also 100% inspected before leaving our factory. We have the best finish available to buy with  years of training.

4. Complex Constructions
Not all the hoses are the same – each Qisheng Hose has a specific combination of Silicone compounds & selected fabrics to deliver the required performance, reliability strength and flexibility required, as well as complex bespoke shapes to suit every need.


Silicone Hose is compatible with water or anti-freeze such as coolant.

Silicone Hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil.



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